Sunday, December 31, 2006

Finishing off 2006

It seems that everyone is getting all philosophical about the year end and reflecting and making goals. My reflection will be brief. To move forward you cannot keep looking back. Yes, learn from the past and all. But you cannot run the race of life carrying all the extra baggage. Let go of the hurt, anger, and guilt. Those negative emotions are just holding you back from living life. Cherish the love and joy of friendships, see the positives in life. We are only here for a short time, enjoy the journey!

As far as knitting goes, I know myself, and there is no way I could commit to something like the Knit From Your Stash. It is a great idea, don't get me wrong, I just don't have that kind of will power! I am weak when it comes to the pretty yarns! You all do that though, more yarn for me - haha! And I am not going to plan what I am going to knit for the next year either. I enjoy knitting and trying new things. I should knit more gifts thru out the year that way December is more relaxing. In theory, that sounds like a great idea. But, we all get distracted along the way! Oh well, no big deal. This is my hobby, not a thesis to be judged by a panel of professors. So I will just have fun with it!

The same with my blog, this is for fun. A great way to keep in touch with family and friends while keeping a record as well. I try to have fun with it. If anyone is judging me or snarking, that is their problem. I am not writing for them, I am writing for me!

Enough of the serious stuff, I have a Finished Object!
My first Red Scarf is done! Yeah!!
I like it! It is soft and warm and bright!

Red Scarf #1

Here are the details:
KnitPicks Swish Superwash Red Pepper almost 3 balls
Stampato Extra Color 8019 1 1/2 balls
cast on 48 stitches size 8 needles
3X2 ribbing 60 inches

Del wearing Red Scarf #1

Red Scarf #2 is about halfway done. So I am thinking it would make sense to mail them together.

Have a great holiday! Enjoy yourself and make good choices!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Playing in the Snow

It is so pretty here in Colorado with the snow and the blue sky, I just couldn't help myself! We went out and snapped a lot of pictures for you to enjoy! We had fun driving around taking them! What a fantastic way to spend the day!

As always, click to enlarge photo.

Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods
Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods

Pikes Peak with clouds
Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods
Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods

Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods
Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods

Sledding in the park
sledding in the park

Click here for more.

I got some knitting done today while my DH drove.
Here are some more red scarves.

Red Scarf #2
Red Scarf #2
I adapted this pattern from Knitting Pattern-a-Day 2006 Calender

Red Scarf #3
Red Scarf #3
This is adapted from here.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Rip It, Rip It Good

I started another red scarf last night. But I do not have any pics of it to show you because I just wasn't lovin it. So I ripped it.

Scarf ripped

I will start it again. I was using this pattern. I like the pattern, but I was not happy about doing it lengthwise. I will restart and try it the other way, the regular way to knit a scarf, end to end.

While I was visiting the frog pond (rip it, rip it), I decided to stay a little longer and rip all the stuff I have on the needles that I just know that I would not finish in it's current state. Most you will recognize from this post. But I thought, why keep them around if I am not going to finish them. They can be remade into something that I am happier with.

Stampato socks

socks ripped
I started these socks before I learned better methods of knitting socks, so why finish them as they were. Didn't make sense to go back there.


Shawl ripped

I liked this shawl, but it needed to be knit on bigger needles. I will restart it.

My So Called Scarf

Rip in Progress

Scarf ripped


I just wasn't feelin the My So Called Scarf pattern. I think this yarn needs to be a cowl or mobius.

So off to start a new red scarf or two!

BTW, it is still winter in Colorado today! I guess we have just been spoiled with the past mild winters here in the Springs. This cold, wind, and snow won't last too long, just thru the weekend, so the weatherman says...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Snow Storm

Yesterday I finally received my last two holiday packages.
Mail was delayed due to the last snow storm.

Sock Yarn

This is Magic Stripes Bright Spring and Blue/Brown. Yeah sock yarn!

And I also received a box of cookies and stuff from my mom.
This is what's left....

Cookie Crumbs

Thanks mom!

My first red scarf is up to 3 feet long already! Halfway!

Colorado is getting hit with another snow storm.



Majc the Snowdog

More snow is on the way! Might get snowed in - darn!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ribs and Stripes

Today I started my first red scarf for The Red Scarf Project. And I am SO excited about it already! I have 19 1/4 inches knit in one day! And I am just finishing up the first ball of red yarn. So I will have plenty. I am loving how fast it is going, how soft the yarn is, and for the college student who is going to receive it!

Ribs and Stripes

KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Red Pepper
Stampato Extra Merino color 8019
size 8 needle
cast on 48 stitches
3X2 rib

Ribs and Stripes

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Holiday Post





Some cute stuff Santa brought me:

Bee tape measure


I didn't even know they made chocolate covered Altoids!

The ferocious beast tears into a pig ear:



The best part of the holidays is spending time with friends and family.


And for me the best thing of the holidays this year was taking my daughter out to dinner last night! SUSHI!! We went to my new favorite restaurant - Kuma! They make the food visually attractive.



I hope you all had a great day as well.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Shopping Gene

Friday we bought Majc her holiday presents. When we got home, DH distracted her outside while I carried the packages in the house. But she is a good tracker, better than I thought. She caught a whiff and sat outside the guest room, also know as wrapping central, and whined for us to open the door whenever we walked downstairs! Too funny! I had to bribe her away from the door with a special treat.

Majc presents
(click on this photo if you want to see the notes)
I think it was the pig ears she smelled. Everything else is sealed.

Yesterday was a good day!
I went to knit group of course. Then we went to lunch. Then Linda, Chery, and I went to do some last minute holiday shopping. I thought I was done, but I could not figure out what to put in DH stocking besides the usual tooth brush and lip balm. Then we brainstormed. Finally it clicked - the perfect stocking stuffer - Legos! I am going to fill his entire stocking with Legos! hehe

Legos for Del

We found this set at a toy store chain. And it was on sale. Almost half off. Cool! He will get a kick out of it I am sure!

Legos for Del

Linda is such a good shopper. I do not have that shopping gene most women have. Dare I say, I hate to shop. Except for food (because I like to cook) and yarn ( of course!). But this was fun! We went to a bunch of places to find just the right gifts.
Thank you Linda for schleping me around!

When I got home, I found this....

Red Scarf Project yarn
My Red Scarf Project yarn from Knit Picks! I am so excited!
It is KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Red Pepper, Fired Brick, Dark Navy, and Bordeaux
And I am so ready to cast on for these scarves!
Such a good cause!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Finally Done!

My stocking is finally done! I am so happy. What was I thinking using sock yarn and 2mm needles? Insane! But I did get it done in plenty of time. Thanks to the storm that kept me home today.

MJ Stocking

Yarn: Opal Mosaic in red and green
Needles: Addi Turbo 2mm 16inch
Pattern: I made it up as I went along

closeup of ruffle

Here is a closeup of the ruffle. It is the same as I did on the socks (this and this) with one exception. I did a plain knit row in between the increase rows. So it was switch to green. knit one row. knit in front and back each stitch across entire row. knit one row plain. increase row again. bind off.


From left:Del, MJ, Bekah, Majc
I made Del's and Bekah's last year
mine this year of course
Majc's was store bought

So except for one more ballband washcloth for a hostess gift, I am done with holiday knitting!! I will be so happy to knit something else. And with no deadline. just relax and knit. I have enough on the needles to chose from. The DH sweater, a couple shawls, socks. I always seem to have a lot of WIP's. Maybe I just like variety. I guess we all do. But I did just order some more yarn from Knit Picks for The Red Scarf Project. So I may have to impose knitting monogamy again!

Still Snowing

Snowstorm Day 2......

Snowstorm day 2

Snowstorm day 2

Majc likes to jump over the drifts! But the wind is still blowing hard and it is COLD, so I don't let her stay out too long. We made the national news with this storm. But it is Colorado after all! The ski resorts are undoubtedly happy for the extra inches right before the holiday weekend.

I am almost done with my stocking. Should have a finished object to share later today. Until then, I am staying inside and warm! curled up with a mug of coffee!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like....

Our White Christmas is a little early in Colorado this year!


Look at that wind!
(as always, click on any pic to enlarge)

I left work early. It took me over an hour to drive the 8 miles home. Then I got stuck on the driveway!

Stuck on the driveway

But at least I made it home!

My Hero!

A few minutes later my hero came and rescued my car.
Majc had fun playing in the white stuff with her Dad! She carried her ball down the driveway thinking this was a good time to play catch! Silly girl! Now my car is in the garage, both trucks in the driveway, and DH has a cappuccino in hand. But Majc still wants to go out and play more! See more snow pics here.

On the bright side, I can get some knitting done today! I have some new movies from Netflix and coffee made. I am set! I got all my wrapping done last night! So I am good to go with some down time!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I have made some progress on my stocking!

MJ Stocking WIP

As you can see, I put in the afterthought heel. Which is the first heel that I used for socks for myself when I learned how to knit a sock over a year ago at knit group. So it all came back to me! Not hard at all actually. So it is looking more like a stocking rather than a tube with a toe. I think I will be ready to turn the cuff soon. I am almost being monogamous in knitting it. The stocking is the only thing I am knitting at home. I am knitting washcloths at work. I was thinking hostess gifts for the two parties I am invited to on Dec 25th. Because food gifts get gobbled up, and plants die, but washcloths last a LONG time!

Neopolitan Washcloths

Remember when I made the washcloth on the right and I said it looked like Neapolitan ice cream? Well, I was thinking that it had too much pink. Neapolitan is equal amounts of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. So I alternated the Sugar 'n Cream Rosewood with Natural Ombre for the washcloth on the left. Now it looks more like Neapolitan!

BTW, has everyone seen this site for washcloth patterns? Lots of great patterns! Check it out.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Secret Santa Stuff

What a whirlwind of holiday parties this weekend! 2 on Friday, 1 on Saturday. But it was so much fun getting into the holiday mood!

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Secret Santa gifts I received
left: coffee pods & doggie gift from Chris at work
right: snacks in cute box tower from fellowship

gift table for knit group exchange

Noro closeup
This is what I came home with.
2 skeins of Noro Blossom color #4

Stitch Markers
Linda made these cool stitch markers!
How clever!

Click here for more pics of the knit group exchange.

After all the fun of the gift exchange, we actually got some knitting done! I finished a pair of socks for a coworker. She is going to be so surprised! She sees me knitting socks all the time and always asks for a pair. But she always jokingly asks for everything I am making. "Is that for me?" she always says. She has even commented on this pair of socks. She likes the color.

pink Sonja socks

Yarn: Crazy Monkey
Needles: Knit Picks size 1 (2.5mm)
64 stitches 3X2 ribbing size 9
short row heel and toe

pink Sonja socks

This is in the natural light and true to the color.

Now only one more WIP for the holidays and that is my stocking. And I have an entire week to get it done in. But I am knitting it on size 0 needles (2mm), what was I thinkin??? If I can control myself and be monogamous to this project, I know I can get it done in plenty of time.

MJ Stocking

Yarn: Opal Mosaic red and green
Needles: Addi Turbo size 0 (2mm) 16inch circular
120 stitches, short row toe, afterthought heel

I only have to finish the cuff, a ruffle, and the afterthought heel. No problem right? Knitting monogomy is a big challenge!
So many projects, so much pretty yarn....