Thursday, October 01, 2009

Party Socks

Some of the members of our knit group are doing a different type of knit-a-long. We are calling it Party Socks. Here's how it works: Everyone who wants to play brings in a 100 gram skein of sock yarn. Just for easy math, let's say that 10 people want to play. So a couple of the girls separate the yarn into 10 gram balls. And all 10 people get a ball of each yarn. Sound fun? We think so. This is actually the second round. The first time, I did participate, but I did not knit the socks up. Well, we did not have a plan, the yarn was not the same weight, the colors clashed. This time we picked a color - it is blue - and defined fingering weight. I really liked the yarns last time, but they just didn't go together in my opinion. This time around I am knitting them. just look at what was shared:

Blue Party Socks

Now that is inspiring!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they go together because *ahem* someone chose a color theme. Had there been a theme with the last one, some people wouldn't have clown socks, though. :)

2:04 PM  
Anonymous patipoint said...

This was an awesome fun whacked project. Just had to say that! Thanks for letting me in on the fun from the Left Coast.

7:42 PM  

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