Thursday, October 23, 2008

No More Naked Teapots

I have always been a coffee drinker. First thing in the morning, after dinner, I drink coffee any time, all the time. I love coffee, my Senseo, my pods. But ever since our visit to Celestial Seasonings last month, I have been drinking tea almost every evening. It is nice, relaxing.

I bought a tea pot at the gift shop. It is a cute, little 2-cup pot. Just the right size for hubby and me.

Naked Teapot

But it just looked so.....naked!
So, I knit it a cozy, a little teapot sweater.

Teapot Cozy

It took a couple tries to get it just right, as all teapots are not the same size or shape.

I generally made it like this:

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Cavern
Needles: size 3 Addi Turbo 16inch
Pattern: here

1. instead of the yarnovers for the spout opening, I cast off 10 stitches and knit them back on the following row.
2. I left the top open for easy tea making (hubby made that choice). So I did 2X2 ribbing at the top with 2.5mm dpn's

Teapot Cozy

I love this Teapot Cozy!
It fits my little pot perfectly!

And I learned a new skill, always a good thing. This was my first time doing the Picot Hem. It added a nice finished touch.

I see more teapot cozies in my future!
They are fun and a quick knit.

I think I need to go make a pot of tea now.


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