Sunday, October 12, 2008

Waldo Canyon

Last week Hubby and I went for a hike in the mountains of Colorado. We heard good things about Waldo Canyon. It was about a 7 mile hike in rugged terrain. The trail was marked well with signs along the way. We grabbed a day pack and took the dog along. It was a great day outdoors with spectacular views.

along the trail

Mountain Views

Interesting Rock Formations

We prefer to hike in the fall season, the colors are breathtaking!

Leaves in the Stream

Fall Colors in the trees

More pics here. Or watch the slideshow here.

If you are a hiker here in Colorado, or planning to visit, check out Waldo Canyon. It is not an easy hike (rated moderate), but it was very rewarding. We are thinking about our next hike.

On the knitting front.

Remember Dye Day from last month when Christy and I created the Butterfly sock blank. Well, I started knitting it up into socks. They are very unique and I love the result!

Butterfly Socks

Butterfly socks


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