Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dye Day Creations

So we had our annual knit group Dye Day at Christy's house.
It starts out all normal and calm.
There is the potluck food - wonderful as always ladies!
Video games, music, knitting, etc
We dye yarn, fiber, and some sock blanks.

Panda Toes sock blank

Knit Picks sock blankKnit Picks sock blank

I dyed some cotton placemats and a couple of the girls did T-shirts.

Hand Dyed PlacematsHand Dyed PlacematsHand Dyed Placemats

Then, I think one of my blanks is just way too boring. But I was out of ideas on how to spice it up. So I told Christy to just do her thing with it. I said, just do what you want. So she starts to paint a picture on it with some dye and an eye dropper. Looked what the result was...FANTASTIC!

Butterfly painted sock blank

Butterfly painted sock blank

After the butterfly, we were having so much fun with this technique, she did a dragonfly...

Dragonfly painted sock blank

Then a dragon...

Dragon painted sock blank

It was too much fun!
One of the best Dye Days ever!
The creative juices were flowing!
I saw a true artist at work!
It was AMAZING!!!
WOW, can hardly wait to knit up the butterfly!!!
It will be a one-of-a-kind pair of socks that is for sure!


Blogger Barbara said...

What great creations, almost a shame to frog it up to knit.

The resulting socks will be fantastic though and I will look for those pictures in the future.

1:45 PM  

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