Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Front Yard is Done!

My wonderful husband and I planted some junipers and small evergreens among the rockscape these past few weekends. We have finally achieved the look we envisioned.
It is done, done, done!

Here is the finished result.
(click on pic for larger view)

Front Yard with Plants

Front Yard with Plants

Dog added for scale:

Majc for Scale

I really like the junipers we picked out:

Blue Star JuniperGreen Japanese Garden JuniperBlue Star Juniper

We are going to keep them trimmed and small, just like the evergreen trees.

Another pot of flowers was added (7 total):

Flowers in a Pot

What a feeling of satisfaction to have it "just right" at last.
So what is next, the back yard, but not until next year.
We need a break!

(more pics of the yard here)


Also done:

Boyfriend Socks

Boyfriend Socks

and Trekking socks

Rainbow Trekking Socks


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