Sunday, December 24, 2006

Shopping Gene

Friday we bought Majc her holiday presents. When we got home, DH distracted her outside while I carried the packages in the house. But she is a good tracker, better than I thought. She caught a whiff and sat outside the guest room, also know as wrapping central, and whined for us to open the door whenever we walked downstairs! Too funny! I had to bribe her away from the door with a special treat.

Majc presents
(click on this photo if you want to see the notes)
I think it was the pig ears she smelled. Everything else is sealed.

Yesterday was a good day!
I went to knit group of course. Then we went to lunch. Then Linda, Chery, and I went to do some last minute holiday shopping. I thought I was done, but I could not figure out what to put in DH stocking besides the usual tooth brush and lip balm. Then we brainstormed. Finally it clicked - the perfect stocking stuffer - Legos! I am going to fill his entire stocking with Legos! hehe

Legos for Del

We found this set at a toy store chain. And it was on sale. Almost half off. Cool! He will get a kick out of it I am sure!

Legos for Del

Linda is such a good shopper. I do not have that shopping gene most women have. Dare I say, I hate to shop. Except for food (because I like to cook) and yarn ( of course!). But this was fun! We went to a bunch of places to find just the right gifts.
Thank you Linda for schleping me around!

When I got home, I found this....

Red Scarf Project yarn
My Red Scarf Project yarn from Knit Picks! I am so excited!
It is KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Red Pepper, Fired Brick, Dark Navy, and Bordeaux
And I am so ready to cast on for these scarves!
Such a good cause!


Blogger Maus said...

Wow so much fibery goodness! At least you GOT mail :) We got nothing here and none of the packages that I sent out (in time I might add) arrived on time.
ARe you ready for the next snow this week?!?

6:42 AM  

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