Saturday, December 09, 2006

Work Knitting

I brought these socks home from work for the weekend. I keep knitting at my desk at work for those down times and lunch knitting. What is funny is that these are a gift for someone at work. She has seen me work on them and has even commented on how she likes the color. But she does not know they are for her! I think that is hilarious!

Anyway, they are made from Crazy Monkey yarn. I like the little bits of purple in the pink. Click on the pictures to enlarge if you cannot see the purple.

Pink Ribbed

Pink Ribbed

So these will go to knit group with me today along with a helmet liner for my Secret Santa.

BTW, mom is home from the hospital. YEAH!!! I called her last night and she is settling in back at her home with some help from friends!

Enjoy your weekend!


Blogger kat said...

helmet liner? like for a motorcycle helmet? good news about your mom,

10:50 AM  

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