Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snow Puppy

First, let me thank everyone for their well wishes for my mom. She is doing much better and motivated to get stronger and go home!

It snowed. The light, fluffy, sparkles when the sun hits it kind!


Majc wanted me to throw the ball around.
She loves the snow!

Majc in snow

But it was too cold! Although my new mobius did keep me warm when I was going to knit groups. Yes, plural. I met up twice today. Because of the snow, some of the gals did not want to drive to our scheduled place up in Black Forest. I did though, I'm not scared. Actually the roads were not bad at all. So I met up there with Maus. She was wearing this fabulous jacket that she knit. Hope she can find the pattern. And she was knitting a pretty blue mobius. I was checking out and then purchased Cat Bordhi's first Treasury of Magical Knitting. I has alot of cute mobius patterns. And I especially like the hats! Then I checked with Chery and she wanted to meet in town. So we met at a coffee shop and I knit there too! She was swatching with some gorgeous Crazy Monkey laceweight . I am almost finished with the helmet liners for a Secret Santa. And one more washcloth to go for my work Secret Santa. Almost two weeks left until the exchanges, so I think I will be okay. Then maybe I will get my stocking done. Then shopping for my sweet husband. No, I have not even started my shopping yet! I can hardly believe it is December already! Ugh!


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