Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Day With the Girls

I met with the girls today for knit group.

Knit Group

We had a great time!
Hung out, drank coffee, chatted, and even knitted!! Imagine that! Actual knitting was done at knit group, what a concept! haha!

Christy brought this lovely yarn that she carded and spun up. The Fabulous Phoebe knit up a couple swatches of it there on the spot. It is shetland and a touch of Angelina (sparkly bits). The pictures do not do it justice at all! It was so soft and yummy!! Like cotton candy that you can knit. Like clouds that you can touch!

Shetland and Angelina roving


Chery was working on this colorful log cabin:

Chery's Log Cabin

Linda wore her newly knit Trekking sweater and was casting on for a cable sweater:


I made some progress on a neck warmer:

Jeans Neck Warmer

It is Brooks Farm Four Play yarn in Jeans Old and New. A nice wool/silk blend. Very soft! Something mindless to knit for knit group, since knitting in public can be a challenge! Especially when the conversation gets good! I did bring the DH's raglan along and knit a few rows on that too.

Of course there were stash enhancements!

Yarn Crack

The hot pink in this picture (bottom left) will be socks for a very nice lady at work who is worthy of my knitting :) She stood up for me and did what was right! She deserves a pair!

2nd Time Cotton and Trekking

Lisa picked up this 2nd Time Cotton for me and my DH drove across town to get me the Trekking! I feel so loved!

Some of us went out to lunch afterwards.


MMMMMmmmmmmm SUSHI :)
Ok, some had actual cooked food, but what fun is that!

What a wonderful to spend a day!

Lest we forget it is Veteran's Day.
Please read this story then click "video"


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