Monday, October 30, 2006

Something New

I haven't read any good novels in a while. But now I have acquired two new books in two days! This is WONDERFUL! The new Nicholas Sparks book came out today. It looks good! I really enjoy his books, his character development, and the romance of course! He is such a good writer!

Dear John

I was experimenting with this last night.
Marble Grey socks

This is Knit Picks Palette in Ash & Fog. I think the palette is a little on the thin side for socks. So I have been wanting to try knitting with two strands together. The experiment is working. I like the results. It is randomly marbling. My sweetie likes the colors, so these are for him. He is worthy of more socks! I am happy this worked out, because there are so many color combinations with palette. I am thinking Wood and Bark, Blush and Hyacinth, even Black and White. Maybe even hand dyed and a solid together. The possibilities are endless really. This will be my last official pair of Socktoberfest socks. Although Lolly said she will be keeping the Flickr Group going. Which is good for the inspiration! This was my first KAL and I really enjoyed it! Mostly because of the flexibility. Everyone was knitting their own thing, yet all making socks. Which is good! I tried new things and was truly inspired to branch out even more. Not to say that I will never knit plain stockinette socks ever again, but there will be more variety! Variety is good, in knitting and life!


Blogger Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

I love the effect! It's pretty neat how the two yarns are working together. :)

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Brie said...

The mixing of Palette works great there!

9:07 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

The colors look great, and it looks like you're getting the results you wanted, yes?

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Melanie said...

OOO, good idea. I have a TON of knitpicks palette yarn. Looks great! What size needles are you using?

6:16 PM  

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