Sunday, October 15, 2006

Leaves are Falling

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mine was wonderful and busy as usual!

Friday I finished my second pair of JellyBean socks! Yeah!

JellyBean socks #2

Same generic toe-up pattern, but for a good reason. Since they are so randomly striped I can mix and match each pair if I make them all the same. And I had to get them done so that I could start another pair that I have been yearning for.

I met with Kathy and Felicia to knit at one of our favorite coffee shops.


I started the Falling Leaves socks! I love this yarn, it is soft and the colors are wonderful! Just right for Autumn! They look like the colors in the mountains right now! Pine trees and all!

Falling Leaves socks

Falling Leaves socks closeup

Then today, one of the fun activities of Autumn at our house is the leaf raking event! Majc really enjoys this! She thinks that we put the leaves in a pile for her to jump over and jump in! She is just like a little kid! And that is why we love her!

Del & Majc raking leaves
She is so happy! Look at her smiling!

Del & Majc raking leaves
"Pile those leaves up faster Dad!"

Then I joined in to help!
Afterwards, there was homemade bread and homemade soup! Yummy!
What a perfect Autumn weekend in Colorado!


Anonymous Leisel said...

Gorgeous sockies! What brand of yarn are they?

8:18 AM  

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