Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I couldn't figure out why I liked the color pattern of DH newest socks on the needles so much and why it felt so familiar. Then I was folding laundry and I saw it! This is one on my favorite(store bought) sweaters.

Favorite Sweater Socks

I might have to make a pair for me!

I haven't shown you the socks I am making with my hand dyed yarn.

Watercolor socks closeup

I am calling them Watercolor. They remind me of a watercolor painting, perhaps by Monet!

Melanie asked:
how do you do your socks? Knit so many rows on one sock and then switch to the other? And.... What toe up pattern do you use?

Well, I do a modified PGR short row toe up sock.

Simple socks

If I have two skeins of the yarn, then I work off the outsides of both. If not, I work off both ends. I do both toes. Then I work on both feet alternately until one gets to the heel. I do not count rows, I measure the length. Then I get the other one to the heel. I do both heels. When I join the heels back to the rest of the sock, I pick up one or two stitches to avoid those pesky holes. Then I knit both cuffs. On the last row before the bind off, I knit with a bigger needle (2 or 3 sizes bigger). Then I bind off with that size or one size larger. The way I knit socks, I have no second sock syndrome. and I don't have to remember what I did on the first one in order to have them the same. That is how I do socks.


Blogger Melanie said...

You might be my new knitting mentor! Thanks for sharing how you do socks. it's a really good idea. I like magic loop, but I'm afraid to try two socks on two circs and I want to do my sister's socks at the same time, because I'm low on yarn for it. So thanks.
And also thanks for the advice on the sweater. I think I'm going to try the knitted hem on it. If it looks awful I'll pick up stitches right above the purl row and knit a seed stitch border and then I can just cut off the extra stuff at the bottom. You're FANTASTIC! Thanks again!

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