Thursday, October 12, 2006

Feasting, Yarn, and Puppy Pics


Time for Friday's Feast:

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend reading other blogs?
Too Many! about 2 hours a day is conservative! if I am bored at work then, well, more! I would say, twelve hours a week is a low estimate.

Your community wants everyone to give one thing to put into a time capsule. What item would you choose to include?
Hand knit socks!

What is the most interesting tourist attraction you've ever visited?
The Grand Canyon!

Main Course
If you could give an award to anyone for anything, who would it be and what would the award be titled?
Most Patient Husband in the World to my Wonderful Husband!

What do you think your favorite color reveals about your personality?
My favorite color is Purple, does that mean I am regal? or that I just got too old for Pink?


This will be my next sock. I love this yarn! I am really in love with it! It is tied with Koigu as my favorite yarn ever! I picked this up at Estes Park in June and it is the main reason that I went to Taos!
This is Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co in Fall Leaves.
I can hardly wait to knit it!

Fall Leaves

Then I had a stash enhancement from Knit Picks:

Knit Picks

Back Row l-r: Memories: Yukon, Smores, Spring Prairie
Front Rowl-r: Essential: Petunia, Cocoa, Ash

Puppy Pics

Random Puppy Pictures:




Blogger KaY said...

Now that's something. Socks huh? Who knows? They might need it.

Mine's up. Please do join my feast.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

I have always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon! It looks amazing on TV and I'm sure way better in person.

My feast is up if you'd like to stop by :)

9:37 PM  
Blogger Felicia said...

I'm lovin' on that thar' sock yarn! I've got the petunia, and I can't decide what pattern I'm going to use for it. I smell a cast on. . .

Yay for Majc. She looks so happy in the yard!

10:23 PM  
Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Great feast you have served.
Mine is served too. Come feast with me.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Debbie said...

The yarn is really pretty, the puppy is very happy looking and I love your feast! I said the same for Main Course, and I saw the Grand Canyon when I was 11. Happy Friday!

5:10 AM  
Anonymous kristi and otis said...

I ran the rim to rim annual Grand Canyon run - I will never forget it! What could be better on a Friday than some random puppy pics??!!!

6:44 AM  
Blogger Melli said...

SOCKS??? LOL! I love it! I DO wish you would have explained your reasoning though! Those ones down below look VERY snuggly warm! (my feet are a little cold right now, so I have a fine appreciation!) GREAT feast!!!

7:10 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

Hand knit socks?? do a great job and your feast was great..nice puppy

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

Must. Fondle. Yarn.

10:34 AM  
Blogger The Wooden Porch said...

Great Feast!!! I’m up too, if you what to have supper over at my place. :-)

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Danella said...

What a great award you chose to give out.

Im up too.

4:24 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

I LOVE knitpicks sock memories. My home sweet home shawl was made of it. It is VERY yummy to knit with.

By the way... you need to get on bloglines so that it's easier for me to keep up with you. :-)

8:10 PM  
Blogger Ann-Marie said...

oooh s'mores sock yarn...i love mine however was silly and only ordered 1 skein...
i am waiting for a wonderful blogger--who is mailing me more!

10:18 AM  

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