Thursday, October 19, 2006

Let's Dine


Friday's Feast time again!

What is your favorite beverage?
Coffee, definately! I am drinking a cup right now!

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.
knitting, pics of my DH & Majc, my music

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?
7, only because at work I have to be "politically correct" and cannot tell it like it is!

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?
Don't know, never really thought about it.

What stresses you out?
Driving in the snow and ice with some idiot in an SUV tailgating me!
What calms you down?
Knitting and my DH


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a shame that we have to tone things down at work, isn't it? Great feast.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous amy said...

thanks for your honest dessert..that would tick me off as well

have a good one

mines up

7:33 PM  
Blogger KaY said...

I've never been able to learn knitting. Argh!

Mine's up!

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

I hate tailgating, but the snow and ice must make it 100 times more aggravating! Yikes! Knitting is a wonderful stress-reliever! I love the sound of the needles as they click together and the softness of the yarn. Also a great activity now that the weather is getting cooler.

My feast is served!

8:28 PM  
Blogger Melli said...

I would be stressed out if I was living in Colorado Springs with all that snow... in October. LOL! It WOULD be okay though if I could stay in at my computer desk and drink coffee!

9:20 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

I am SO glad I don't live in a place that has snow anymore. People are idiots driving in it sometimes!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Barbara H. said...

That would stress me out, too!

I would have loved to have learned how to knit.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Danella said...

I chose a form of coffee as myy favorite drink too.

Great feast!

Im up too

10:19 PM  
Blogger Gattina said...

Knitting calms you ? Not me I've already thrown my whole knitting stuff agains the wall !

I ate my menu too

10:50 PM  
Blogger Pilot Mom said...

I can so relate to the snow and ice in your dessert! Ugh!

Mine is up!

11:10 PM  
Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

I'm with you with your appetizer all the way.
Mine's up too. Come join me.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

it's extremely difficult to be entirely honest at work... I don't think any of my bosses would thank me for telling them if their ideas stink.....

nice feast

3:12 AM  
Blogger Connie and Rob said...

Great feast!! Our really cold weather is on the way...

Take care,
My feast is up

3:53 AM  
Blogger KnicKnac said...

Crafting does it for me too! Wasn't that main course a toughy??? Great Feast, thanks for sharing!

4:16 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

Great feast! And I agree, driving in the snow is a stresser with the SUV tailgater! And knittins is my calmer as well!

Happy Friday!

7:40 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

Loved your feast. I don't like driving in snow either....but we don't get much so I don't have to worry about it like you do.
My feast is up, come on by.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great feast! I love coffee too, and have just finished my cup for the morning :)

Your dessert would stress me out too!

Have a great day :)

9:53 AM  
Blogger Paperback Writer said...

Even at a seven, you're still rather honest1

11:56 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

I hate being PC. Although I do it as well. Why does everyone have to take things so personally. Why can't a political or religious discussion take place without people getting defensive and rude?

Oh well. Such is the way of the world.

7:44 AM  

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