Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paint Mines Interpretive Park

We were looking for a new place to walk last week and ventured out east into the county. The park we found is called Paint Mines. We really enjoyed the landscape and gentle slopes.

Painted Rocks

The trail is a bigger loop on the outside with small loops within. We took the outside loop. There were lots of interesting rocks and prairie scenery.

Prairie Pathway

It was another great day exploring in Colorado.

Pikes Peak in the distance

more pics here

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcoming in the New Year

I am having a wonderful day welcoming in the New Year with an afternoon of knitting. I made a pot of tea - green tea with jasmine. I was sitting down knitting with a video on. But then I stopped and noticed exactly what I was doing, I am knitting a Barbara Walker sweater while watching an Elizabeth Zimmermann DVD. BW and EZ. Two of the best knitters ever, together at the same time in my living room. I just had to stop and say, Wow.

BW and EZ together

It gave me pause. A warm, fuzzy feeling came over me. I knew that you, my friends, would understand this moment.

What a wonderful day and a wonderful start to the year. I hope yours is awesome as well.