Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dye Day Part 2

So what did I dye on Saturday?





Licorice Twist

Purple, Blue, Green Licorice Twist



Most of these yarns will be knit into socks of course. But some may be other small items like hats or mitts or whatever. Speaking of socks, I have been working on my scroll socks and I just finished the heels. I am really liking this pattern and the chart was so easy to memorize.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Knit Group Dye Day

Christy invited our knit group over to her house for yarn dying.
She remodeled her dye studio.
It is very well equipped and organized.
And is large enough to accommodate a group like ours.

Christy's dye studio

Phoebe's "kettle" dying

We learned new techniques like kettle dying and overdying.
There was alot of red dye going on. It looked like a murder scene!

Ben helping Ann rinse yarn

Ben was on hand for assistance and technical support.

Yarns on the drying rack

Here are some of the finished products.

Christy playing Wii

There was also alot of Wii entertainment.

A great time was had by all.
We appreciate your generous hospitality Ben and Christy!
Thanks for having us over!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Socktoberfest Goal

I have reached a milestone with my knitting!

My personal goal for Socktoberfest this year was to knit from a chart rather than the written pattern. And today I did it! I just sat down at knit group today with my toes and my chart that my DH drew up for me and I just did it! I feel like a grownup knitter now!

My Socktoberfest Goal

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted, Woodland Moss
Needles: rosewood 2.25mm
Pattern: Scrolls MSKS p95
Modifications: added 2 purl st each side

After knit group, Christy made me go to the llama store. she made me go, against my will. really. I picked up a couple magazines.

IK Holiday 07Vogue Knitting Holiday 07

Time for holiday knitting already? *sigh*
I am not ready!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Matching Hat and New Needles

Matching Hat
I was so excited about finishing the Chili Pepper scarf, that I had to make it a matching hat. I finished in a few days. I am liking these hats, and just in time for a drop in the temps!

Chili Pepper Hat

Yarn: KnitPicks Memories Daffodil & Flower Power
(both now discontinued)
Needles: Addi Turbo, size 3 and 5 16 inch
Pattern: Pattern: Basic Tam Pattern from Knitted Tams by Mary Rowe
Modifications: increased needle size, body 6 inches before decrease

I increased the length of the body of this hat and I like how it fits much better! I really want to make more hats now! I will still make socks of course, but hats will be added into the mix too!

Chili Pepper Scarf and Hat

Chili Pepper Scarf and Hat

New Needles
I saw the new Knit Picks Harmony needles at knit group a couple weeks ago and knew that I had to have them. I really, really like them!! They are not only pretty, but made very well - very smooth, strong, and nice tips of course!!

Harmony Needles

They are already in some socks. I put them to the test - cables, yarn overs, ssk and k2tog. The Pembrokeshire Pathways have it all. The Harmony needles are a dream to knit with!

Purple Tweed socks

These needles have found a happy home!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Timely Scarf

Just in time for fall, I finished the Chili Pepper Scarf!

Chili Pepper Scarf

Yarn: KnitPicks Memories Daffodil & Flower Power
(both now discontinued)
Needles: Brittany size 6
Pattern: ZigZag Stripes from Scarf Style pg 33
Pattern mod: slip stitches knitwise, K2tog tbl instead of SSK
Finished length: approx 5 1/2 ft

And I have enough yarn left over to make a matching hat!

Chili Pepper Scarf

I finished another pair of knit-at-work socks.
My coworker calls them "80's socks" haha

Stripe socks
Yarn: Regia Cotton color #5434
Needles: bamboo 2.25mm
64 stitches short row toe and heel
4 inches 2X2 ribbing
Russian bind off

So, I took some more yarn to work.

Sockotta Yarn

Sockotta yarn
Top: 5616
Bottom: unknown stash yarn

Both of these were gifted to me separately. My friends know me so well! Love these colors! And they look nice together. I am knitting all four socks simultaneously, just for fun!

I love fall. Everything about it!
Including fall activities, like a hay ride!

Hay RideHay RideHay Ride

Good friends and nice scenery.

Hay Ride

What a great day it was!

US and Bronco flags

I am not even a Broncos fan, but thought this was cool.