Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A New Hot Scarf Model

I was pulling into the driveway after work today as I normally do. As I stop to get the mail my neighbor comes out of her house and we chat. She tells me that she has been reading my blog. And that she liked the pictures of Del modeling the scarves (here, here and here). She asks why doesn't Majc model the scarves and then she hands me a scarf - for Majc to wear!

Majc's Scarf from Joan

How cute!! Her scarf is lovely!! And cabled! Majc loves it!
Yes, my neighbor is knitting again! And she is spoiling my dog!
I can't believe that she knit a scarf for Majc!
Thank you Joan!!

Majc wearing her scarf

To answer my neighbor's question, I didn't have Majc model any of the scarves for the red scarf project because they were for charity and I didn't know if the recipient was allergic. and I didn't know until today that Majc would like to wear a scarf!

On the Needles

A couple pairs of socks jumped onto the needles this weekend.

My Favorite Sweater Socks part 2
Do these look familiar?
I made my DH a pair, but these are for me this time.

Blue/Brown Stripes
A new pair for DH.

Fair Isle Closeup
Another update of my fair isle scarf.

Look at what my wonderful husband made to keep my fair isle yarn all neat and tidy. Isn't he sweet!

Yarn Bag Insert

On My Mind

This may be on the needles soon.
I am trying to hold myself back, but it is calling to me!

Varigated Green
More Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool.
Love this stuff! This is called Variegated Green.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pics!! Your fair isle is looking amazing. How great you have a nice neighbor who knits. Nothing beats that. :)

9:49 PM  
Blogger Ellen van der Laan said...

What a great idea; scarves for dogs! Majc looks adorable in her new garment.
Is your neighbor interested n joining our knitting group? Why don't you bring her along one of these days?

10:01 PM  
Blogger Morgan said...

That is so sweet of your neighbor. I never thought to knit a scarf for my dog, but I think I just might now. Too cute!

5:09 PM  

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