Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Off They Go, With Love

Red Scarves
I am sending these off to The Red Scarf Project today.

critters and treats
These little guys jumped in the box also!

On The Needles

Past the heels, onto the ribbing.

Saphire Purple Shawl
A new project started today.
Just a plain garter stitch triangle shawl.
Because I am NOT a "competitive knitter"
Love this yarn!
I have another one in a different color.
It is my favorite shawl. I wear it all the time.

I left the moebius at work tonight, sorry no pic.
But it is coming along nicely!

On My Mind

Most of the ladies in my knit group are making this.
Palette Cardigan
I just didn't think I would wear it.
And it seemed such a big time commitment.
But I was looking at the chart and I like the way the colors are arranged in an interesting way.
Especially the band that looks like a pansy :)
So I am making something different with the pattern - a scarf!
I will wear that! and a low commitment level that I can handle.

Back to my knitting.......


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have that pattern and the yarn pack for that sweater. Just don't have the nerve to start a sweater yet. It is on the docket for this year, but have other things I want to do first.


7:00 AM  
Anonymous lisa said...

that's a great idea----are you ordering the whole box??

5:34 PM  

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