Thursday, May 24, 2007

Walk in the Woods

I finished another pair of socks yesterday.

Walk in the Woods socks

Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted, Walk in the Woods
Needles: Colonial Rosewood 2.25mm
cast on 68 stitches
short row heel and toe
Cuff: feather and fan 4 inches1 inch 2X2 ribbing
Russian bindoff

Remember when I dyed some bare Palette yarn (here and here).

Hand Dyed Palette yarn

Here are the pinks and purples. I cast on for a shawl. Kind of a practice shawl before I make the one for my mom. I like how it is coming along so far. It is just plain, no lace pattern planned. I started with straight needles, just until it gets a little bigger, then I will probably switch a circular.


Humble beginnings of a triangle shawl
Yarn: hand dyed Palette yarn
Needles: size 9 Brittany straight

Speaking of Knit Picks Palette, my order arrived.
Here are some of the new heathered colors.

Heathered Palette yarn

I like them alot! I am thinking a top down cardigan of this weight would be nice for indoor wear. I am glad that they are adding more colors to their current classic yarn lines. Now if they would just add more colors of Gloss. *sigh*


Blogger Jane said...

I love the new Wool of the Andes heathers - they almost make me wish that I'd waited to make my Highland Triangle & Wool Peddler shawls! As it is, I'm trying to convince myself I need another shawl while I'm practicing lace patterns on the worsted weight shawls I'm knitting for charity.

10:25 AM  

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