Monday, May 21, 2007

Trekking Chevrons

They're done! I finished them over the weekend and I could not be happier with these socks. I like them, I like the yarn, the pattern, the way they fit, everything!

Chevron Trekking socks

Yarn: Trekking XXL #131
Needles: Crystal Palace (2.25mm)
cast on 64 stitches, increased top to 40 stitches
Pattern: here
Cuff: 4 inches, 2X2 ribbing, Russian bindoff

Now I am finishing up the Walk in the Woods socks.

Walk in the Woods

After I finish this pair, I am going to knit a shawl or two. My mom is going on a cruise and has requested that I make her a shawl to take along. So I asked her what color, what style, etc. She wants a black triangle shawl. Black. Of all the colors in the spectrum, she wants black because it matches everything. She wants what she wants, so I ordered some black gloss from KnitPicks. While looking around I found this. I am so happy that they added some new colors! I had to get some!

While contemplating black yarn, I remembered that my LYS had some fancy black laceweight. So I went there on Saturday and found just what I was looking for:


Black with silver and gold glitter. It has just a little bit of sparkle without being too novelty-ish. So I will make mom 2 shawls. I think she will like both.

While I was at the yarn store chatting I spotted a whole set of Barbara Walker's stitch dictionaries. Yes, all four books, right in front of me! I stopped midsentence! I already have the first book, so volume two followed me home. I like this one very much!

A Second Treasury

This weekend the weather was so nice here in Colorado. After the DH and I finished hiking Saturday morning, we decided to do a little yard work. That turned into ALOT of yard work, he likes to get in there and get it done. I found these lovely tulips, so it was worth the effort!

Pink Tulips

The perfect shade of pink, not too pastel, not too bright.


Blogger Ellen said...


I LOVE the Walk in the Woods socks! Who makes this yarn? I don't seem to be able find it in your notes. I would love to get me some :-)

We missed you Saturday, and we even tried to call you when you didn't show up. It's good to see that you were up and about and doing fun stuff and not having a problem.

7:18 PM  
Blogger MJ said...

Walk in the Woods is by Claudia Hand Painted. I got it from

7:30 PM  

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