Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I am sure that I am not the only one who was inspired by Scout's episode about acid dyes on Knitty Gritty.

Jacquard dyes

These came from KnitPicks along with some Bare yarn. This will not be the first time that I have used acid dyes. Our knit group has went over to Christy's and had dye days. But I want to try it again with my own setup so I can play anytime I want.

This arrived yesterday as well:

cotton blend yarn
The yarn I ordered from Yarnzilla.
Tofutsies: 736, 726
Regia: 5419, 5420

The turquoise socks are coming along nicely.

Turquoise socks

And I have been adding a few rows to the Blueberry Shawl almost everyday.

But all I can think about is lace. And this is not helping! I am thinking about all the motifs in my stitch dictionaries.
The endless possiblities....


Blogger Yarngineer said...

Please post about whether you like those dyes or not. I still need to do my own dying at home too! I would love to hear how it goes.

8:28 AM  

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