Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lime 'n Violet Scarf

I am so happy with this scarf! It is done, and still loved! I finished it early last night, but Lost was on. So I could not pull myself away to post, or even take pics.

Lime n Violet Feather and Fan scarf

Yarn: Lime N Violet, Violet's Pink Ribbon from Lisa Souza
Needles: Laurel Hill size 5
Pattern: Gossamer Shells Scarf from One Skein Wonders p.55

It is 5 feet long, and I used a little less than half the yarn. I have enough left to make another, or something else. And I can make more of these scarves with about 100 grams of light weight sock yarn. Yes, I will be making more of these! What's not to love? Fun colors, an easy, fast knit! Everyone can use another scarf .

Lime n Violet Feather and Fan scarf

Onto socks in progress...

The tofutsie socks are past the heel and onto the ribbing. I like the yarn alot! Only one thing I do not like is that it is loosely spun. So that makes it difficult to rip back and pick up. Ask me how I know this... I tried a pattern on the cuff and it wasn't working. I ripped back the first one - big mistake. A big mess, very splitty. It was worth the extra time to tink on the second sock. Sorry, no pic of this sock, I left them at work. Should be done for the next post though. I like the tofutsies so much that I ordered more. Yarnzilla is having an April sale - 20% off. I could not help myself! Also picked up some Regia on closeout. I know, I am being a yarn pusher! Just trying to share the love! hehe

But I do have this sock in progres to show you:

Turquoise sock

We have a new sock model, Lambie. She followed my DH home from work yesterday. She is just the right size for socks!

To close out today's post, some April snow.

April snow

We are under a blizzard warning. Perfect knitting weather.


Blogger Mandy said...

That is fabulous! I love the colors! I have L and V colorway sitting in my stash not sure what to do with it. This might be it! I hope that you don't have a blizzard but if you do stay warm!! Happy knitting!

10:47 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I love your scarf! I really do need to pick up that book. I know that you are probably tired of the snow by now...but I sure am missing it. Didn't have any all winter after having moved south before the snow ever came. Oh well...I'll get back north some day. Anyway...Love reading your blog!

11:57 AM  
Blogger cathych said...

I love the scarf, what is the name of that particular pattern? I hate to buy a book for just the pattern itself!!!!!!!!!!

3:57 PM  

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