Friday, May 04, 2007

Sock Swatches

For me, the best way to swatch for a sock is just to cast on and jump in! It's only yarn after all. So I did just that! I am going to try a new pattern and I wanted something that stripes.
I tried these two:

TrekkingClaudia Hand Painted

On the left is Trekking XXL #131, and the right is Claudia Hand Painted , Walk in the Woods
They both may work. But I think that I will try the Trekking first.
The pattern that I want to try is here. Except I am going to make them toe up of course! So that is what I will be working on this weekend, and the Chili Pepper scarf.

I received my copy of IK in the mail yesterday.

IK Summer 2007

Already, I like the Blouson sweater. It looks comfy and has nice details! I really like this magazine, for inspiration if nothing else.


Blogger gray la gran said...

i got my IK today ... i'm trying to save it for bedtime reading!
do you usually start/work both socks at the same time? i try to, sometimes, to keep from having orphans.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Leisel said...

I got mine today, too... although I have to say, I'm disappointed in it.

I like the cover sweater, but the neckline's too wide, and I don't know how to fix it (also, the cabled ribbing should end under the bust, not across the middle of it).

I like the Oriel lace blouse.

And, I like the Spiral Boot Socks.

Most of the other stuff was just too immodest for me. I don't wear sleeveless, and I don't wear lace with nothing under it, so even if I liked the designs, most of the rest would've had to be worn over another shirt, which pretty much takes them out of the summer and into the fall category... although for that, the Lutea Lace-Shoulder Shell might work, and it's fairly cute.

Many of the rest are just weird (esp. the Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt and the Origami cardigan).

I like the

12:37 AM  
Blogger knittgirlcolorado said...

I am relieved to know that I am not the only person who swatches socks the same way that you do!! Thats great!! You're right. It is only yarn and that's whats great about knitting is how forgiving it can be. :)

7:24 AM  

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