Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rip and Restart


I was not thrilled with the new shawl on the needles, so I ripped it completely and restarted. Now I am happy. I changed the increases from yarn overs to knit in the front and back and went up in needle size. I restarted it last night and I am back to where I was when I ripped it. It did come to work with me today too, it is fairly mindless knitting, perfect for the office!

Hand Dyed Palette shawl

Yarn: MJ hand dyed palette
Needles: KnitPicks Options size 10 1/2

The other change that I made was that I am doing a garter ridge when I change colors. I like the effect. I don't remember where I got that idea, I think it was Elizabeth Zimmerman, but not sure.

Hand Dyed Palette shawl

I have something else new on the dpn's.

Green ribbing

Yarn: Brown Sheep Wildfoote Deco Lime
Needles: Crystal Palace 2.25mm

I wanted to try some of this yarn before the big trip to Brown Sheep next week. I only have one 50 gram skein, so I am experimenting with a new idea I saw while blog surfing last week. Details to follow, if it works out.


I have been wanting to respond to some comments for a while. So let me jump right on in!

Leisel commented on the new issue of IK.
I like the cover sweater, but the neckline's too wide, and I don't know how to fix it (also, the cabled ribbing should end under the bust, not across the middle of it).

I agree, the cover sweater was kind of...different. I do not get that the cables stop in the middle of the chest area either. I think they should have put the Oriel lace blouse on the cover. It is the summer issue after all.

gray la gran asked:
do you usually start/work both socks at the same time? i try to, sometimes, to keep from having orphans.

In a word, yes. No second sock syndrome for me.

Sylvie asked:
Can I ask how much time you spend knitting each day?

Alot! Let's see, I knit during my lunch break at work, and usually my second break also. In the evenings, I knit while dinner is cooking, and for a couple of hours after dinner. On the weekends, pretty much all the waking hours, except for Sunday services. Yeah, alot!

Senja said:
Ooohh! I am jealous of all the sock yarn. I just discovered the world of socks (for some reason I didn't knit them until now) and I love it! You inspire me to knit more.

Thank you for the compliment. I am glad you are inspired! Be careful out there new sock knitter, socks are addicting! And so are all the pretty sock yarns!

Senja also said:
Again beautiful socks! I should try to finish mine soon. Do you use a short row heel when you knit toe up or a heel flap? PS Tag your it! check my blog for details:)

Yes, I have been doing the short row heel and toe exclusively since I learned it. Before that I did an afterthought heel, the heel flap just never fit me right. But that is what is so cool about knitting, individuallity! We get to do what we like!

Sorry about the Tag, I don't do meme's anymore.

Abigail left this comment on my Memorial Day post:
My husband and I are Vets. We both served in the US Navy. Thank you!

I was in the Army. And I am proud of my military service!
I am not ashamed to be patriotic. Here are a couple patriotic videos for your enjoyment. America. Please read this story then click "video"

Thank you all for your kind words regarding my knitting journeys. I really appreciate the time you take to say something nice on my humble blog!


Blogger Kim said...

Love the shawl you are working on right now. The garter ridge works really well on it and the colors are just beautiful. Speaking of colors I can't wait to see the socks you are making right now. That green is beautiful!

7:36 AM  
Blogger kat said...

that shawl is such happy colors

6:10 PM  

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