Wednesday, September 05, 2007

September Already?

Where does the time go? It seems to me, that the older you get, the faster the summers fly by. Remember when you were in grade school, summer lasted forever! The summer after graduating high school was over quickly. Now they just speed by. But onto Autumn, my favorite season. Crisp evenings, a chill in the air, changing leaves, wool socks. Anyway, I digress.

Onto the knitting...

First some Finished Objects:

Aquarell Feather and Fan

Yarn: Trekking Aquarell 159
Needles: Rosewood 2.25mm
Pattern: Feather and Fan
64 stitches increased to 36 on top
short row heel and toe
16 repeats on foot, 12 repeats on cuff
4 rows garter stitch
Russian bind off

Blue Violet Baby CablesBlue Violet Baby CablesBlue Violet Baby Cables

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Blue Violet Multi
Needles: bamboo 2.25mm
Pattern: Baby Cables Sensational Knitted Socks
short row toe and heel
size 9 6 inches btwn toe and heel
3 inch cuff Russian bindoff

These are for a coworker, she picked the yarn and the pattern. I made them sort on her request as well. she tried them on and they fit, I am happy! She is happy! Yeah!

I stalled on a WIP pair of socks. The problem is I haven't decided what top ribbing to do for these. Stockinette then an inch or two of 2X2, four or five inches of 2X2, or something fancy? I can't decide. But I really like them, DH even named them, Turquoise River.

Turquoise River socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Bare, hand dyed here
Needles: bamboo 2.25mm
64 stitches
short row heel and toe

And what would a catch up type post be without some yarny goodness... This came in the mail yesterday. It is the backordered Sock Hop Yarn.

Sock Hop Yarn

Left: Big Yellow Taxi
Right: Magic Carpet Ride

I am glad that I did get them, the colors look much richer in person, and I just love the hand spun goodness. I had the inside info on when it was going to be available for sale by reading Teyani's blog, sometimes she mentions when yarn is going up for sale.

Anyway, this is a short week because of the holiday on Monday, and I am thankful!


Blogger Kim said...

I read the story of your friend and how she learned to knit. How wonderful that she learned it so quickly. Love the socks that you made for her and of course all the others that you are working on. Like the colors on the new yarn that you received. Can't wait to see what you will make with those. Have a great day!

11:09 AM  
Blogger wrchili said...

Your socks are beautiful and your hand dyed yarn is knitting up very nicely. My hand dyed yarn never turns out how I want it to.

3:25 PM  

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