Thursday, March 15, 2007

A New Knitter

OK, I know that normally I just post pics of my knitting and the descriptions. I am not very chatty on the blog. Kinda funny because I am very talkative in person. Anyway, I have a story today. So grab a cup and put your feet up.

I work a customer service type job. And we have down time during the day - a generous amount of down time sometimes. That is why I like my job! And I get to knit during those times. Some of my coworkers do other crafts (crochet, cross stitch, etc) and some read. Some just chat amongst themselves. One particular coworker that sits near me occasionally says that she is bored. I tease her and say that she should learn to knit then she wouldn't be bored. She always said that she didn't have the patience or something. You can probably tell where this is going. Today I was starting a new pair of socks at work during some down time. I was showing her the toes in this new color, we were trying to figure out if it was going to stripe in a pattern or be random splashes of color. She is a fan on my socks and interesting yarns. This is good. So she is holding the sock toe and asks for a needle. I hand her the extra dpn. She puts it in the stitch and wraps the yarn around it and said "Is this how you do it?" WOW! A natural! Well, sort of. It took a few minutes to get the yarn to stay on while holding the dpn and the yarn and the sock. But she got it! She did a whole row! On size 1 dpn's with sock yarn! I was impressed! Then she handed it back to me and only one mistake. Pretty good for a first try. Then I tinked back to the mistake (a yarn over) and reknit the row. By then it was almost the end of my shift. She got upset when I put it away. She wanted to knit on my sock while I was gone! She works a later shift. So I told her I would bring her in some yarn and needles of her own tomorrow. We are having a St Patrick's Day potluck, so I am giving her green yarn (her favorite color anyway). Now she won't be bored!

Onto pics of socks:

Vineyard Stripes

Vineyard Stripes

Yarn: Knit Picks Simple Stripes, Vineyard
Needles: Knit Picks Size 1 (2.5mm)
64 stitches, short row toes and heels
2X2 ribbing 3 inches

I like this yarn, I don't know why Knit Picks discontinued it. I am glad that I got some before it was all gone. I have at least two more colors in the stash.

Pinata socks

Pianta socksPianta socksPianta socks

Specs so far:
Yarn: Fleece Artist, Pinata
Needles: Crystal Palace size 1 (2.25mm)
64 stitches short row toes and heels

I am going to try a new cuff pattern that I found in Sensational Knitted Socks. I have been trying to add more variety to my knitting recently.


Blogger Toothlesswink said...

Blog hopped to yours. Loads of yarn and oodles of creativity. Way to go!

9:11 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

That IS a great story! I love teaching gals to knit but I should include my 11 yr old SON too. Socks are perfect too!!! I'll have to check into that Knitpicks Vineyard color.

7:06 AM  
Blogger kat said...

I have to say one of my favorite things about kntting is inspiring new knitter, ithink it why i staarted my knitting group., good for you, another one converted!

8:00 AM  

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