Saturday, February 24, 2007

Five Minute Blizzard

We had a brief blizzard today.
It blew on thru early this morning!
For a minute it looked like it was going to get serious.
But it fooled us!
The sun came out later, it warmed up, melted the snow away like it never happened!
Gotta love Colorado Springs!

5 Minute Blizzard

So after the dusting we trekked up to Black Forest for knit group.

Black Kettle Coffee

It was bittersweet. One of our favorite coffee shops,The Black Kettle, is moving. So we enjoyed it while we can, until they can reopen at another location.

Chery is making the KPPFIC in a top down raglan of her own modifications.(making it up as she goes)

Chery's sweater

It is coming along nicely.
She even designed another band to add into the mix.
More pics of her fantastic creation here.

I was working on a new pair of socks.

Trekking sock with cable

I started them last night, my own design.
Now I know why everyone likes Trekking so much.
I like the subtle shading of color.
Specs so far:
Trekking XXL color 109
72 stitches Crystal Palace size 1 (2.25mm)
6 stitch cable each side of sock
2 purl each side of cable.

In the evening, Del and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Kura.


BTW, I did wear the Mardi Gras socks all day and they fit nicely.


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that coffee drink is so pretty & yum sushi!

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