Saturday, March 03, 2007

2nd Time Cotton

I finished the hand towel. It has become a birthday gift for a friend. along with two washcloths and a fancy soap. Everyone needs a little pampering. Especially when you are turning the BIG 40! I will see my friend tonight for dinner and videos.

Hand Towel Set

Yarn: 2nd Time Cotton, 205 Bermuda
Bernat Handcrafter, White
Pattern: Baby Genius from Mason Dixon
cast on 60 stitches size 6 needle
Finished size: 11 X 15 1/2 inches

I still had 22 grams left of the 2nd Time Cotton when I was done! There is a lot of knitting to be done with one skein! I wish you could feel how soft this is! It would be perfect for baby items.

I love the 2nd Time Cotton! So you know I had to order some more. This time from Webs.

Second TIme Cotton

colors left to right: 534,810,855,120


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