Monday, September 10, 2007

Vegas Baby!

We just got back from an action packed Vegas weekend!

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There was sightseeing.

The Fountains of BellagioExcalibur at nightLion Fish
MGM GrandParis in VegasParis in VegasFlamingo Girl

more Vegas pics here

We even caught a glitzy show.

We took in a show

But the reason that we were there was to go to my DH's high school reunion. My wonderful husband is from Guam USA. There is a class reunion every five years on Guam. But occasionally on an off year, there is another reunion on the mainland for those who live here. This was one of those off years! So off to Vegas we went to catch up on old times and reconnect with friends.

EveryoneLunch at the Sidewalk CafeHPIM3751

more reunion pics here

This was the best class reunion ever! What a laid back group of Islanders! JFK class of 1980 ROCKS!! There was much partying and good times. Rumors and secrets revealed. But I can not elaborate, because, as the saying goes,
What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!


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I really love your Vegas fun!!

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